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  Institutional Research

Fact Book

Fact Book

IR provides information about WSU to both internal and external audiences and serves as the clearinghouse for much of the survey data collected by outside entities. We also serve as an official data provider to the State of Washington and for federal compliance purposes.

Common Data Set

The Common Data Set is standardized information on student enrollment and persistence, admissions, academic offerings, student life, annual expenses, financial aid, faculty and instruction, and degrees conferred.


Data emulating the Voluntary System of Accountability project and Washington State accountability indicators.


WSU data as reported to IPEDS (Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System) as managed by the National Center for Education Statistics and IPEDS data feedback reports with peer comparisons.


Overall student enrollment related information including: state funded FTE, enrolled student headcounts by level, campus, and certified major. Also available is new incoming undergraduate enrollment information, including new freshmen and transfer students.


Several breakdowns of WSU degrees granted.

Performance and Persistence

Various reports on student retention, graduation, grade point average, and time-to-degree.


Faculty and staff at WSU including headcounts by full-time and part-time status, sex, tenure status, and work location.

Financial and Research

Financial and Research data including: tuition, state appropriations, expenditures, budget, payroll, housing costs, sponsored programs, and grants and contracts.

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