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WSU students occasionally enroll at more than one campus. As a result, the total headcount enrollment for the institution is less than the sum of students enrolled at each campus.


State-Funded Annual Average FTE Enrollment AY 1991 – AY 2017Updated!

*The state-funded enrollment reports represent information sent to Washington’s Office of Financial Management (OFM) or other reports derived from those data. Online students are not reported separately from campus students.

Headcount Enrollment

Enrollment Headcount by Campus, Level, and All Campus Total – Updated!

Fall 2017, Fall 2016Fall 2015Fall 2014Fall 2013Fall 2012

Enrollment Briefing-Overall, Undergrad, Grad, Professional, New Entering – Updated!

Fall 2017, Fall 2016, Fall 2015

*Certified Major by Campus and College Fall 2012 – 2017 Updated!

*(Undergraduate students typically do not certify into majors until their junior year)

Enrollment by Campus, College, and Sex Fall 2012 – Fall 2017 Updated!

Geographic Origin by Campus Fall 2012 – Fall 2017Updated!

Pullman Enrollment Statistics Fall 2012 – Fall 2017 Updated!

Enrollment by Level and Ethnicity All Campus Fall 2012 – Fall 2017 – Updated!

Graduate Students

Quick Facts about Graduate Students – Updated Fall 2017!

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