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Institutional Research Washington State University

Board of Regent’s Dashboards

Goal 1: Research, Innovation, and Creativity

Washington State University will be recognized for embracing risk and bold thinking to serve the needs of its communities through innovative research, scholarship, and creative activities.

Research & Development per Tenure / Tenure-Track Faculty



What is the ratio of research and development per tenure-track faculty?

Degrees Awarded per Tenure / Tenure-Track Faculty



How many degrees are awarded per tenure / tenure-track faculty?

Goal 2: Student Experience

Washington State University students will engage in scholarship, research, and experiential learning activities to prepare future leaders, scholars, and global citizens.

First Year Reteniton and Cumulative Graduation Rates




How successful are students at persisting until a degree is earned?

Graduation Rates




What are the 4 – and 6 – year graduation rates at Washington State University?

Affordability Index

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Goal 4: Institutional Effectiveness and Infrastructure

WSU will advance a culture of engagement and collaboration across its multi-campus system that values and invests in resources—physical, financial, human, and intellectual—leveraging these to become the social and economic drivers for the community, the state, and the world.

Percent of Faculty and Staff Diversity




What are the percentage of faculty and staff diversity?