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  Institutional Research

Historical Data (Prior to 2012)

For the university all campus combined reports

We follow the IPEDS (Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System) data definition, and therefore exclude study abroad students.

For individual campus reports

All students with credit hours enrolled on that campus are reported. Distance students are reported separately and many are also enrolled on a campus.

Certified Majors

(Undergraduate students typically do not certify into majors until their junior year.)

Certified Major by Campus and College Fall 2004-2011

Campus/College/Demographic Breakdowns

Enrollment by Campus, College, and Sex 1997-2011

Pullman Enrollment Statistics 10 Years History Fall 2000 – Fall 2011

Cumulative and Semester GPA

Undergraduate Student Cumulative and Term GPA by Campus and Sex (Prior to Fall 2012)

New Undergraduate Students

New Freshman Fall 1980 – Fall 2011

New Transfer Fall 1980 – Fall 2011

New Incoming Undergraduate Students Profile Quick Summary

Fall 2011 with Fall to Fall Retention Rate

Fall 2011 with Fall to Spring Retention Rate

Spring 2011

Fall 2010 with Fall to Spring Retention Rate

Academic Performance and Persistence Study

Performance measures how well students do in college. Persistence is the study of how long students stay in college up to and including graduation. Improving student success in post-secondary education is a key federal, state, and university objective. This on-going study uses statistical techniques to identify factors associated with retention and success of WSU students.

Academic Performance and Persistence of WSU Students PowerPoint

Academic Showcase 2008 Poster

AIR Forum 2010 “Best Poster” Presentation

Academic Showcase 2010 Poster – Where Did You Go to School? Measuring the Effects of Background & High Schools on Student Success in Washington



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