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  Institutional Research

Student Data Warehouse (OBIEE)

Washington State University implemented a new student information system (SIS) in fall 2012. To be successful in serving the decision needs of the university we were expected to provide all relevant data for consideration. The best source for that data was a well-designed data warehouse.

  • to turn vast amounts of operational data into useful information
  • to answer spontaneous critical business questions
  • to achieve the integration of dispersed data
  • to maintain the consistency of data and information
  • to provide data access to appropriate users

The development plan for the WSU Student Data Warehouse (OBIEE) began with snapshot census data for point in time reporting and trend analysis to meet immediate federal, state, and institutional reporting requirements in the fall of 2012. In addition to the census data, real-time reports were developed through the warehouse tool directly accessing the SIS and modifications to the delivered subject areas (admissions, enrollment). This was a short-term solution in order to meet operational data needs of home offices supporting students. The next phase of the data warehouse development, launched in April 2016, provided an operational data store with near real-time (next day) reporting capabilities in the warehouse. This phase covered student records, student financials, and financial aid. Phase III is currently in process. This phase focuses on snapshots for admissions operational trend analysis and the ability to project enrollment. The expected release date is April 3, 2017. Through strong partnership of Institutional Research and Enterprise Systems, continued development of the student data warehouse will be informed by campus decision-makers, data stewards, and data users.

Institutional Research Has Moved!

The Office of Institutional Research has moved from French 122 to French 446. While all phone numbers remain the same, please update your records with our new campus zip code 1043.

Memo Regarding External Surveys

Memo from President Floyd regarding the appropriate procedures in handling surveys that you receive. Click here to read the memorandum.


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